How to Finally Get out of the Rat Race and Set Your Own Pace

Turn Your Passion into Profits

8 Week Self-Paced Home Study Course Reveals the 7 Steps You Must Take to Create the Business of Your Dreams

Listen in as Andrea Richards Scott, The Purpose Guide™ walks you through her 7-Step System from getting Visibility, Creating Your Business Systems, and Developing Your Team.  This system is designed to help you finally take action on the dream that you’ve been tossing around.  Each step in the system has been designed to move you from thinking about it to doing something about it.

Andrea created this Boot Camp for Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs just like you:

  • Are you currently getting up and going to work every day to make money but have no passion for your work?
  • Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world?
  • Are you passionate about helping people by providing solutions?
  • Do you have a product or service (or an idea) that will make a difference in someone’s life?
  • Have you been procrastinating about getting started?
  • Are you struggling to figure out how to claim your BIG dream?

If you answered yes to these questions, this program is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  Andrea’s 7-Step Proprietary System will help you gain clarity and motivate you to take action.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Andrea’s Proprietary 7-Step System for Turning Passion into Profits

Session # 1  – Seeing  Your Purpose

You learn about purpose:  Knowing who you are and what you are called to do.

Session # 2 – Separating  Your Target Market

You learn about your target market. Knowing who you serve and what you offer.

Session #3 – Speaking Your Message

You learn to articulate your message.

Session #4 – Sharpening Your Expertise

You’ll focus on building and sharing your expertise. Doing what you do best.

Session #5 – Systemizing Your Proprietary System

You’ll learn to create proprietary systems. Working ON your business not IN your business.

Session #6 – Sharing Your Products and Services

You’ll discover tools that help your to get the word out about your business.

Session #7 – Strengthening Your Support Team

You learn to develop your support team

Session #8 – Interview with Experts

In this session, Andrea interviews four diverse business owners about how they use these 7 steps to grow their business.

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 Meet the Experts:

Andrea is the Host of the Purpose Quest Boot Camp

Andrea Richards Scott, The Purpose Guide™

Andrea assists individuals in discovering, living, or advancing their purpose.  She helps them reinvent themselves and get aligned with their values so that they can be more productive while doing work they truly love.  She is the CEO of ARS Professional Development, a professional development company that supports Small Business CEOs in developing and expanding their business and marketing practices.  Through her books, business coaching, and training programs, Andrea helps business owners become more productive and expand their businesses.



Sonya Barnes, CEO & Founder of Harris& Barnes Image Consultants

Sonya Barnes, CEO & Founder of Harris & Barnes Image Consultants is an innovative leader with nearly a decade in the image, style and fashion industry. Recently, Harris & Barnes has launched its training division, the International Fashion Style Academy in Charlotte, NC.



Donna Vail, Founder of An Inspired Education, home education and lifestyle coach

Donna Vail is the founder  of An Inspired Education, a company devoted to homeschooling families inspiring  them to live extraordinary lives and empowering their children through  self-education.


 EInspires individuals to play much bigger games and live fuller lives.d Prater, CEO of Significance Services

Significance Services provides Coaching, Facilitation, Negotiation, Mediation, Teaching/Training, Team Building, Strategic, Marketing, and Sales Planning.


More than twenty years of experience in Administration, Marketing, and Business DevelopmentCarla Kroger, Owner of Daily Administration, a business development company

Daily Administration offers personalized office management services. We work with small businesses that have BIG goals and assist you in growing your business by accomplishing time consuming tasks in the areas of Filling the Pipeline, Social Media Support, and Project Management.



Super Bonuses

  Mindset Pre-Recorded Training Calls 

 This topical training, gives you an opportunity to reset your mindset and prepare yourself for successful business growth.

 Private Access Sessions with Andrea Richards Scott, The Purpose Guide,™

You will have an opportunity to have 2 individual Private Access Coaching Sessions with Andrea.  The initial session can be used for goal setting.  You choose how to use the second session.  You may use it at any time during the program.  It is recommended that you schedule a “next steps” or follow up session once you complete the program.

I have the confidence to go after once impossible goals…

“She allowed me to start thinking outside of the box and stop relying on other people’s opinions. I know I have the confidence to go after once impossible goals. She was very effective in coaching me through some difficult issues.  Since working with Andrea, I started a business and returned to school.  I’m embarking on a rigorous journey and I know that I have what it takes to reach my goals” – Marilyn Evans, Shelby, NC

grasp the breadth and depth of various disciplines ranging from relationships to careers to entrepreneurial ventures…

“Andrea has a remarkable ability to discern and simplify complex issues, helping you to make significant inroads in achieving your goals. She is down there in the trenches with you – fighting battles and overcoming obstacles – taking on your challenges as if they were her own and persevering in breaking down barriers.  She is able to turn on a dime, adapting her coaching direction in real-time to support changing priorities and re-directing plans due to unexpected events.  Her gifted ability to grasp the breadth and depth of various disciplines ranging from relationships to careers to entrepreneurial ventures enables her to provide comprehensive strategic services to clients, supporting them all the way in making life-impacting decisions and pursuing their dreams.  Andrea utilizes many different effective tools to spur creativity, yield innovative results and accomplish your objectives.”  – Cindy Poss, Washington, DC

helped me to get unstuck and to move forward my life…

“Andrea is an energetic and focused coach. She helped me to get unstuck and to move forward my life. I value her integrity, honesty and open-heartedness and would recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for clarity & direction and who wants to make significant strides forward in their lives.” – Deb Kolb, Wanaka, New Zealand

Each session was not business as usual, I felt alive and on the edge of my comfort zone

Andrea is very skilled, and seems to have just the right model, approach or task tailor made for the situation I was in. Each session was not business as usual, I felt alive and on the edge of my comfort zone, breaking new ground and evolving. -Gregorio Capra, Winchester, United Kingdom

Member’s only access

You will receive access to a member’s only area where you will be able to download recordings, workbooks and transcripts.

Why You Should Invest in this Program

 •Upgrade your mindset and clear away negative beliefs, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that are stopping you from living your purpose

 •Get greater clarity about your purpose: Who you are, what you offer and who you serve

 •Take action to become more visible

 •Learn how to spread the word about your offer

 •Practice consistently sharing & strengthening your brand

 This Program Will Help You:

 •Discover hidden reasons why you’re stuck and not living your purpose and the exact process for shifting your mindset from lack and scarcity to plenty and abundance

 • Learn techniques to cultivate you message and spread it to those you were designed to serve

 •Upgrade your personal and professional life

 •Give and get support from like mined individuals

 Master Your Message, Promote Your Products and Sell More Services

You’ll get instant access to everything that you need to learn how to get visibility, develop your business systems, and  build valuable relationships.

  •  7 Recorded Coaching Calls and 1 Expert Interviews

  • Monthly LIVE Mindset Group Coaching Calls

  • 2 Private Access Coaching Session with Andrea

If you are not completely satisfied, send us an email within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.



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