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One-on-one coaching sessions

My one-on-one coaching sessions focus on personal, professional and spiritual development to help current and aspiring small business owners and solopreneurs to discover, live and advance their purpose, get unstuck and accelerate toward goal attainment.

I am a professional coach and have a certificate in personal development coaching from International Coach Academy. I hold a Master of Business Administration Degree in from University of Georgia and I am currently pursuing my Doctor of Education Degree in Human and Organizational Learning at George Washington University. I am also the co-author of Keys to the Kingdom: A Manual for Success in Today’s World and Author of Purpose Quest: Passionately Pursuing Your Purpose, a spiritual guide to discovering your divine calling. Most of my clients have left Corporate America to start their own businesses or are seeking a path to business ownership. I specialize in helping purpose-driven, spiritually focused professionals and entrepreneurs

How I coach

I can help you with your Life, Business or Career by inspiring you to maximize your full potential while holding you accountable for your own goal attainment. Coaching with me creates a space for confidential conversations which foster clarity, brainstorming, and action planning. Through the coaching process, you will get ‘unstuck’, overcome fears, meet new challenges, identify new opportunities and take action towards the life you desire. I help you:

  • Gain clarity and develop an action plan
  • Negotiate the things you really want and eliminate the things you don’t want
  • Establish personal and professional boundaries
  • Create strategies to overcome specific challenges that prevent you from reaching your goal
  • Identify and take advantage of new opportunities
  • Make a career transition plan from employee to entrepreneur

Coaching with me allows you to move more rapidly into goal attainment than you would without support.

Fill out and return the coaching application to get started

Coaching & Training Program

 During this online training program, you will receive: a video training library with topics such as:  Becoming Highly Confident, Coping with Change and Transition, De-Cluttering, Dealing with Bad Behavior, Grow from Success to Significance, Mastering Work/Life Balance, Stress Management 101; a goal attainment workbook with downloadable worksheets.

The coaching program is based on The Goal Attainment Cycle:  The Ultimate Resource for Identifying, Setting and Accomplishing Your Goals.

If you’ve been investing in everything and everyone other than yourself, it is finally time to make a change.  An investment in coaching will help you to manage work/life balance and enable you to create a strategic plan for accomplishing your goals.  During sessions, you will get relevant training on topics such as Goal Setting, Time Management, Action Taking, Communications, Conflict Resolution, and Emotional Intelligence. 
With optional group coaching sessions we’ll go deep on matters that are essential to your success.  In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to discover and understand your unique personality style with a DISC personality assessment as well as a Connecting with Colors personality assessment.

'Dell Think Tank on Small Business and Entrepreneurs - Atlanta' photo (c) 2012, Dell Inc. - license: The benefits of group coaching are: 

  1. You get support, acceptance and camaraderie.
  2. You brainstorm solutions in a group environment.
  3. You celebrate your successes with a supportive team.
  4. You create accountability so your action items get done.
  5. You benefit from the perspective of others.
  6. You tap into my extensive resources and those of the group members.
  7. You get coaching an affordable fee.



If you need a boost to make this year the best one yet, then this program is for you!

Simply fill out and fax (or scan and email) the application to me  and I’ll call you to schedule an information session.  Contact me to find out which program is right for you.

Ready to rev-up your goals?
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