Entrepreneurial Spirit Series – Longevity

When we start something, I’m pretty sure they don’t hope for it to be a ‘fly by night’ venture.  They typically hope for longevity and perhaps a legacy.  That’s what we got last night’s Diana Ross’ Kennedy Center performance.   Every song, every note brought me back to my childhood.  It’s no wonder she was among the dignitaries that were recently awarded the Medal of Freedom from Obama.

Whether she was singing one of her greatest hits of bluesy/jazzy renditions of other favorites, Diana was “supreme.” I turned to my friend Michelle, who invited me, and said, “She’s still a classy lady.”  Think about how wonderful it would be to have a career that had this kind of longevity…no matter what our talent, we can take a few ques from Ms. Diana Ross that we can apply to our business.

1) Always do your absolute best.  Based on last night’s performance, it was clear that Ms. Ross has gone out of her way to be her best self.  I marveled at how beautiful her voice sounded and how great she sounded.  You have to take really good care of yourself and your gift to be able to present this well after all this time.  Diana first became famous with the Supremes in the 1960s.  Can you imagine having anything that you do last over 40 years?  This is not to say that she hasn’t experienced ups and downs…she has…we all have.  But isn’t not the bumps along the way, it’s how you bounce back and finish.  I’d say based on last night’s performance, she’s finishing strong.

2) Stick with what you know.  In a world of hip-hop and profanity laced music, Diana Ross came out and gave us her classic renditions.  Each time she opened her mouth, we were treated with familiar tunes and lyrics.  She did not feel the need to  change her style to compete with anyone else.  I appreciated being able to settle into the familiar.  There are some people who want what you have.  If you try to change to be like everyone else, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a huge disservice.  Be authentic.  Be you.  You were created to serve a particular purpose.  Contorting yourself to be like the masses (no matter how popular they seem), just isn’t why you’re here.  Figure out what you do best and do that.

3) Never let ageism, or any other ‘ism’ stop you from living your dream.  It is easy to discount, discredit,  or dismiss our purpose because we think we’e too old.  However, God has a way of using us even if we don’t fit the typical mold.  Many upstarts with they flashy looks and big dreams don’t make it.  Some succumb to drugs and alcohol.  Others can’t handle the fast life.  Others just fade away.  Some people are looking for something new and different.  Others chase fads.  But if you find your tribe…people who truly love you and what you have to offer and you remain true to it, nothing will be able to stop you.  God can use you at any age.  God can take things that seem like hindrances and turn them around to your benefit and His glory.  As we enter the home stretch and prepare to finish strong, commit that you will never let the things that man judges you by stop you from being everything that God has created you to be.

Ms Diana sings a Christmas Medley that is a treat for us all.  Enjoy!

Andrea Scott is the Purpose Guide. She helps you to discover your purpose and to create plans for doing what God is calling you to do. With her guidance you can make your dreams a reality, stop talking about what you’re going to do, and finally live the life you were created to live. Get more inspiration in her books Purpose Quest and Purpose Prayers. Share your faith with the world, check out True to the Word Apparel.

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